Hi Tech Gadgets – Palm Pre Review

Combined messaging lets you group conversations with the same person in an simple to follow format. So now you can basically track conversations in IM, electronic mail or text on simple screen. You will even be able to see who is obtainable online & can quickly & basically start up a brand spanking new conversation right in the same group. You can also get info about Top Rated Cell Phones 2015.

The Palm Pre is the latest in a line of products to take a swipe at the iPhone, obtainable on the Dash network & jogging for $199 with a service contract. The Pre adds some nice features to this hello tech rich gadget. of the most impressive is the Activity Cards that let you switch from application to application quickly & basically, much like you would on your home computer method. There is no need to close down an application & open another up.

The Layered Calendar & Linked Contacts pull together your Outlook, Google & Facebook calendars in to cohesive view. & there is no need to worry about your contacts be spread throughout various areas, Pre will pull them in to place as well. With the added Intuitive Notifications feature you can see when your appointments are, new & updated electronic mail & text messages with a bottom screen notification so it is less intrusive than other competing products. You can also visit www.thumbtackle.com to get more info.

Much like the iPhone applications will be a massive part of the Pre, however it will take some time for the Pre to become populated with apps like the iPhone. But over time increasingly developers will see the power of the Pre & strength of the Palm brand & build on this platform as well.

The Pre is attractive, sleek & sturdy & comes with a slide out keypad that adds functionality that is not obtainable with the iPhone. like the iPhone you can turn the method & view from widescreen or hold it in normal view. Picture quality is vibrant & stands out & the camera produces stunning photographs.

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