Healthy Dog Food – The Nutritional Role of Minerals, Vitamins and Carbs in a Dog’s Diet

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            Healthy dog food for your dog is very beneficial. It helps to keep your dogs health in a good or better way. Carbs and carbohydrates products are the best dog food for dog. Carbs can only be obtained in meat through glycogen. However, it can only be obtained in small quantities in muscles and in the liver. If our canine companion is not getting a substantial amount of carbohydrates from its diet, its liver is pushed to overdrive in the effort of converting glucose from its protein reserves. When carbohydrates are in ample supply from his or her diet, its body does not require the conversion of proteins into glucose, and its liver is not overworked and stressed. In addition, these proteins can be utilized elsewhere. This simply means that the body and other functions work more efficiently. Grab more information about <a href="">nuvet reviews</a> through various reputed websites.<br /> <br />Vitamins<br /><br />Unlike proteins, vitamins are not the building blocks of a dog's body. They are not needed in fueling the body with energy, so why are vitamins needed? A dog's body needs an assortment of vitamins for various reasons. Their importance is listed below:<br /><br />Vitamin A is needed for a shiny coat and healthy skin. If vitamin A is lacking in a dog's diet, the condition of its skin will deteriorate, and its coat will lack in luster. These deficiencies are also associated with a lack in Vitamin B.<br /><br />The main responsibility of Vitamin B is keeping the immune system healthy and efficient. Without it, a dog's body is more susceptible to disease.<br /><br />Vitamin C is essential in the prevention of hip dysplasia, according to recent studies. This vitamin is needed especially by working and larger breeds that are more prone to the condition.<br /><br />Calcium is a difficult mineral to absorb. This is why vitamin D is so important. This vitamin makes it easier for calcium to be absorbed, which results in healthy bones and teeth.<br /><br />Vitamin E works as an effective antioxidant. Insufficient vitamin E results in too much acidity building up in our dog's body, which leads to various diseases such as cancer.<br /><br />Without the presence of vitamin K, a dog's body is more susceptible to the clotting of the blood.<br /><br />Minerals<br /><br />Minerals are also needed in the body of your dog. There are various minerals that have specific roles to play in keeping the body efficiently working. You can also search about nuvet reviews at Facebook and many other reputed websites.
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