Have Whiter Teeth The Natural Way

If you are someone who does not have those shiny white teeth, it might make you less confident when facing other people. It is really different if you have a set of teeth just like those Hollywood stars, but take note that it can cost lots of money for they undergo dental procedures. This is why we just resort to brushing, flossing, and whitening strips. Yes, these things can be effective but it is not enough so as suggested by Redmond dentists, here are some natural ways of whitening your teeth.

Eating fruits is really effective. Strawberries are considered as bleaching agents as they contain vitamin C and acts as an astringent which helps remove teeth stains. Apples are also considered as natures toothbrush because in every bite, you will be able to remove food debris in your mouth. Raisins are also effective in increasing saliva production which helps remove plaque. Also, Redmond dentists advise people to try using a lemon and baking soda mixture and wipe it on the surface of the teeth. This would help whiten the teeth because of its acidic content, but do not leave it for too long as it may damage your teeth. These are just simple ways that you can follow and there are still lots more. So remember that you do not have to spend big bucks just to achieve a shiny and sparkling smile.

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