Hard Disk Recovery Above My Pay Scale

One of the big problems when you’re an IT administrator and you’re pretty successful is that your bosses begin to think you can do anything in the realm of computers. While I will admit that I can do almost anything with the database, and certainly programming is no problem for me, one of the things that has been tough for me to explain to my bosses that I am not a hard drive technician. The other week, we had an example of a situation where one of my boss is hard disk drives failed. Immediately, he inquired as to what I could do in order to provide him with hard disk recovery. He was quite shocked when I said I could really do nothing about it. But once I told them that hard disk recovery requires specialized equipment in order to rebuild the hard drive, he understood that it was above my pay scale.

I have job in technology which means you get to see a lot of great equipment come and go over the years. Although progress in the technology field has seemed to plateau over the last few years, there was a time when servers were coming in measurably faster every year. But although a lot of progress has been made, it feels like, especially with hard disk drives, that they are expanding the technology too far. A lot of these hard drives operate at temperatures they were never meant to operate at, and as a result they seem to be a lot more subject to failure than they have ever been. I can tell now why hard disk recovery services continue to succeed in an environment like this. The drives are storing more and more data than ever, but aren’t any safer. That shouldn’t be the case, but I’ve seen a lot of examples where this is the reality.

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