Great Window Film for Kinders

Kinders, Day Care Centres, and childrens bedrooms all have something in common they should be a safe and fun place for a child to spend time. And for the most part this happens. We offer children toys, fun books and games, and other forms of entertainment to make their safe spaces feel that much safer.

But those avenues have been done to the point of overkill, so that children nearly expect these treats. So what can we do to offer them a unique yet fun space, something that no other child in the neighbourhood has?

Window tinting is the solution. That may seem like the furthest thing from entertainment for a child, but perhaps thats because you dont know too much about the wide variety of window energy solution tint thats available in the market these days.

One such example is the remarkable White Crayon Drawing film, offered by Solyx (its SX 0103C). This White Crayon Drawing film window tinting is comprised of actual finger drawings. The finger drawings themselves are clear, meaning that within these drawing you can see straight through to the other side. That means you can offer your children the protection and energy efficiency of a tinted window, while not preventing them from enjoying the beauty of outdoors.

In addition, these solar films offer inspiration and happiness to children. Solyx has many more options than just the White Crayon Drawing film, and in fact, youre capable of creating your own custom-made solar film as well. In the end, the skys the limit in terms of how you want to decorate the safe places that your children comes in contact with throughout the day. But one thing is for certain while other homes are filled with toys, games and stuffed animals, you can go one better and offer your children the gift of tinted windows. Theyll never look at their windows the same way.

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