Grades and Types of PVC Strip Curtain

PVC strip curtains can be used for all types of application where heat or cold needs to be retained. They are often seen in use in walk in cold stores and freezers as they save energy and cool loss whilst allowing easy access by pedestrians. PVC Strip Curtains can be ordered in any length and in a choice of different grades and overlaps. There is also a choice of hanging mechanism to suit different access needs and convenience.

Standard PVC strip is low cost and easy to install and maintain. It can be ordered in clear or coloured strip and is suitable for use almost anywhere, from a light use internal door to a heavy duty external doors which needs frequent access by vehicles.

Ribbed PVC strip is ideal for doorways which see frequent use by pallets trucks, forklift and vehicles which might scuff standard clear strip and thus reduce clarity. The ribbing is designed to add durability and strength to the doorway.

Welding grade PVC is specially designed for use in welding booths or screens and will stop welding glare and flying sparks.
Polar grade low temperature grade PVC strip is designed to remain flexible in temperatures down to -32 degrees C. It can be used by both pedestrians and pallet trucks.

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