Going From Linden To Real Dollars

I believe it is a bit of both, although many would argue that Second Life isn’t a game, however a societal phenomenon. You’re going around virtual environments, still making a virtual avatar and doing virtual stuff, although you’re not alone, but instead portion of a societal phenomenon with thousands of other folks. So how is it possible that something virtual, something from a “game”, including the Linden Dollars used in Second Life, be converted to real life dollars to spend? The game’s economy enables this and the truth that you are playing up against other individuals that are willing to pay a few bucks within this virtual environment, answers your question. However, in order to utilize the Second Life economy, we have to understand it.

Second Life – Virtual Economy

The entire Second Life economy is based on the sport’s currency, known as the Linden Dollar, or just L$.

With millions of Second Life residents buying and selling things, acreage and properties, it isn’t hard to understand how this market comes to life. In Fact, virtual economy analysts from the Meta state Statistics Bureau estimated that Second Life is going to have GDP of over $550 million in 2007. $550 times 270 = Lots of lindendollar flowing freely within the Second Life economics.

It simple to convert virtual money to real money in the whole world of Second Life and you have various alternatives to do as such. First, you can go from Linden to Real dollars by utilizing the Linden Lab currency brokerage, which is carefully monitored by the creators of Second Life. Or you might test out the LindeX Currency Exchange, which many residents favour on the old currency exchange provided by Linden Labs. Last but not least, in case you need better management of your own transactions, you may use a third-party currency exchange software, but be advised that you are using them on your own risk.

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