Go Green By Choosing Green Tea

The popularity of Green Tea is increasing enormously for the amount of health benefits it provides. Green Tea has been used as a medicine in China for long and has multiple advantages from curing blood pressure to precluding cancer. Green Tea compared to Black Tea is better because there is no fermentation process required.

The basic component called flavanoid (an antioxidant) in tea is the main reason why tea is beneficial to consume. While consuming tea a few times a day is beneficial to absorb antioxidants, in the case of Green Tea it is usually three cups a day to obtain its rewards. Let the Green Tea for 3-5 minutes after preparation to bring out the catechins. Nutrisystem helps you provide the best quality Green Tea and at affordable prices which would retain your health and pockets both at the same time.

Green Tea helps you increase the metabolism rate and lose weight. It also reduces the risk of Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Esophageal Cancer to many levels. The other benefits of Green Tea are preventing tooth decay, help with skin care in case of wrinkles and ageing, provide you relaxation and releases from depression, Hydration benefits, Prevention and Treatment of neurological diseases, boosting up your immunity and also protect the brain cells from dying and last but not the least beneficial in preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease too.

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