GM and the Newly Designed Corvette Stingray

Detroit announced the arrival of the innovative ’14 Corvette Stingray. Motor Trend reports “It boasts active rev-matching for up and downshifts.” The upgrade is expected lower the manufacturer’s loan costs and Gordon Chevrolet Jax feels that the automaker has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining sound financial disciplines Just a few of the newly improved aspects comprise: European inspired styling, a full aluminum frame standard, manual and automatic availability, and a push button starter. Like it or love it, the Corvette Stingray is one of the most high-dollar cars available right now. With a much improved motor comes a reserved boost in peak performance but prominently advanced power curves giving much more torque than Chevy’s standard engine. Contrasted to the existing car, the new vehicle includes a professional and suped up steering system. For drivers who don’t like manual shifting, a paddle shifting six-speed automatic transmission is an option. This fine-tuned system carries less inertia creating faster and smoother shifting with a smaller torque converter.

Every single curve and vent on the exterior is completely functional, pushing air from the downward angled radiator up over the roof of the car. Corvette’s racing team lended much the scoop and vent heavy body. Negative lift is reduced greatly mostly when compared to 2013 models. To discover more on this report, click to their website. The car also has the slimmest steering column ever produced by GM. This coupled with a powerful gauge cluster display, retracting MyLink display and heads up dash makes the new Stingray a high-tech and fully loaded racing car.

While not all pre-owned car sales are negative, it is estimated that people lose just over four million dollars every year due to odometer fraud with the average alteration being over fifteen thousand miles. It is important to understand that you might have less time to pay off loans on used cars. It is speculated in the industry that four out of every hundred deployed airbags has never been fully replaced. When purchasing a used vehicle be sure it contains the built in safety devices you want as many old models don’t have the tech common today. Maybe you know that three fourths of all automotive sales involve a pre-owned vehicle?

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