Girls Love Minnie Dresses

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – FEBRUARY 14: In this handout image provided by Disney Parks, eentertainer Paula Abdul poses with Minnie Mouse at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park at Walt Disney World Resort on February 14, 2012 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. For the day, Minnie Mouse wore her special ‘Valentine’s Day’ dress, with white hearts replacing her usual white polka dots. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

I know for a fact that little girls love Pink Minnie dresses. Just 20 years ago I was one of these girls who loved watching Mickey and Minnie mouse in cartoons and who always asked her mother for new toys and dresses that were inspired by this pair of cartoon mice.

Now I’m a mother myself and my baby girl is just as obsessed with Minnie the Mouse as I was. She recently read some comic books featuring Minnie and her boyfriend Mickey in various adventures and that set off her Minnie fantasy (or “fantasia da minnie baby” in Portuguese) even more. She started drawing Minnie pictures and convinced me to buy her a school bag with Minnie’s picture. I don’t mind her doing that as I remember my childhood well. I did buy her that bag for school and even got a matching Minnie lunch bag, but she didn’t stop there. Now she is asking for a dress, just like the one Minnie is wearing in her comic book.

I decided to buy it for her, but it turned out to be a difficult task. None of our local malls or clothing stores stocked anything like it. There just were no pink Minnie dresses (or “festa minnie rosa” in Portuguese), so I was almost giving up. But last night I found a solution, I found the cutest pink dress with polka dots and a large bow on the back, just like Minnie has. I found the dress from an online store, quite by accident. I was searching for a pair of leggins for my daughters ballet class, when I stumbled on the most perfect little Minnie dress, exactly the like the one she was looking for. I bought it for her right away and now I’m waiting for it to arrive, so I can surprise my daughter and give her a dress she has wanted for a long time.

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