Getting the Right Running Shoe

Getting the right running shoe is an important choice that each runner has to make. There are over ninety different brands of running shoes on the market and each brand has anywhere from a couple up to twenty or thirty different models, so the choice of running shoes is great. The most important aspect of the prescription of running shoes is matching the right shoe to the right runner. This means looking at the foot type and structure as well as the running technique. The individual fit and comfort of the running shoe is also important. If the match between the runner and the running shoe is good, then there is assumed to be a less chance of getting an overuse injury and better running economy. If the match is poor, then there is assumed to be a poorer running economy and a greater risk for overuse injury. For a lot of runners this can be a trial and error process, though the advice of experts from a speciality running retailer can certainly help in narrowing down the wide range of shoes to what would be best for an individual runner. With the increase of online sales of running shoes, it is peculated there is going to be an increase in the mismatch between the right runners to the right running shoe due to the lack of that specialty advice.

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