Get the Necessary Information through Online Reviews before Visiting Sanibel Island

There are many amazing places to stay in Sanibel Island. Choosing which places are the best is no easy jobs, luckily, Sanibel Island Cottages has come up with the top rentals reviewed. The top three listed here are all fabulous vacation homes coming in at the top in Tortuga Beach Club. Tortuga is recommended for those who are looking for 2 bedroom apartment style places. It has a wonderful pool and is located just a short walk from the beach. A must stay place for sure.

Next, coming in second place is Sanibel Siesta on the beach. For part of the top rentals reviewed on Sanibel Island this adorable community of apartments must be a great accommodation. It consists of a few building directly on the beach set up around a fabulous outdoor pool and tanning deck. Siesta also has a wide variety of activities for the entire family.

Third place, but far from last is Sanibel Moorings. As far as vacations go, there will always be people that need to stay in touch with the world and this vacation spot as the perfect office style spaces for such individuals. Aside from catering to the business type, this accommodation also caters to adventure. They have docks for boats, kayaks and canoes, and fishing. So, whatever floats your boat (literally) can be done here, no wonder it is amongst the top rentals reviewed.

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