Garcinia Cambogia Reviews Proclaim This Herbal Extract To Be An Effective Weight Loss Supplement

A little berry from the Amazon region of South America is being hailed as the fountain of youth. This fruit, the garcinia cambogia berry contains the highest amount of natural vitamin C on the planet. In fact, one serving of the powder is equivalent to eating ten oranges; that’s over 1000% of our daily recommended value.

Vitamin C is a very important antioxidant because of its ability to neutralize the free radicals that are responsible for many insidious diseases as well as accelerated aging. Since our bodies can’t make this precious vitamin on its own, we have to get it from the foods that we eat.

Studies suggest that people who eat diets that are high in vitamin C show a decrease in incidents of certain cancers. Additionally, vitamin C is a crucial building block for collagen which is responsible for giving skin its elasticity. A lack of collagen is the leading cause of wrinkles.

Pure garcinia cambogia also contains contains tons of other vitamins and minerals like niacin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus, potassium, beta carotene and calcium. It also contains the amino acids serine, leucine, valine, and thiamine, which are responsible for helping the body absorb Vitamin C.

According to a lot of garcinia cambogia reviews it should be consumed as a powder supplement because the fruit is very bitter. It can also be added to yogurt, oatmeal and smoothies.

The garcinia cambogia also say it is considered to be safe, but until more studies are completed, pregnant and lactating women should be wary of consuming this supplement. Always ask your doctor before taking a new supplement. Although Vitamin C is considered to be an excellent component of good nutrition, taking it in extremely high doses can cause problems with people who suffer from digestive problems.

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