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            Garcinia Camboia reviews have incited a mixed reaction amongst users of the product. While most <a href="">Garcinia Cambogia reviews</a> of the product have been positive, there have also been a few scathing attacks on the authentic benefits of the weight loss product. <br /><br />Most Garcinia Cambogia reviews seem to be a part on an aggressive marketing campaign by the promoters of the weight loss product. With the world obsessed with losing weight and looking presentable, this strategy works. A few insightful reviews on Garcinia Cambogia have pointed out that there has not been a fully fledged study yet to analyze the actual effects of consuming Garcinia Cambogia. The claims one hears about its appetite suppressing and fat burning potential come from lore of South Asia, where the fruit is primarily used as an ingredient of soup for its flavor and filling nature. <br /><br />A review of the myriad Garcinia Cambogia reviews tells us that it has no side effects as it constitutes natural ingredients extracted from the fruit, though a few users have allegedly experienced stomach cramps. The green and yellow fruit has an odd resemblance to a baby pumpkin. It is also known as Gambooge and Malabar tamarind. This supplement has a lot of benefits. Perfect for our daily lifestyle.<br />
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