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The first day and meeting is the success or failure for all future meetings.

Surely in the first few days doubts arise about how to act, how to dress, what they say and what to avoid doing in your first encounter with that special someone. We are here to give you a few keys to achieve total success in that quote.

How to behave:

First of all, keep in mind that your desire to like them should never change the way you act or get you to lie

You must be natural, yourself, because otherwise he eventually discover the truth.

Never forget that honesty is the foundation of any relationship and if your beau does not like you as you are, it’s best not to go ahead with it.

Try to make the them feel comfortable that you like him or her, and be warm and pleasant to make them feel comfortable with you.

What to say and what not to say:

It is likely that at first you something unsafe, mainly because it is difficult to hide a crush. A good idea is to tell him or her you’re a little nervous, so they are aware of it and excuse any possible “blunder” of you.

However, what you should never do is talk about your feelings on your first date, this could scare or get them the wrong idea.

For most men the physical is not the most important, many look for a woman to talk and share their problems. But do not mistake that is it best to tell your family or work worries on that first day, not him.

Pay attention and try to strike a balance between talking and listening. It is very important that you listen and you respect what you own.

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