Free iTunes codes for music and games lovers

I love music, nearly as much as I love video games and sports. While sports are always good for the body, music and games are good for my mind as they help me relax and lose the stress after intensive hours of work that I have to do every day. As an amateur musician myself, I didnt like the idea of getting fresh music for free through illegal websites and as a consequence, I always used my iTunes account in order to update my playlist and legally download new releases. I applied the same rule to video games and as a consequence, even though I get to spend big money on my hobbies, I take comfort in knowing that I did all I could to be honest and pay for what I get.

There are however easier ways to get music and games from iTunes and its not even illegal as long as you know where and how to get your itunes codes. For instance, one of my friends suggested that I should try a website that gives these codes for free in just a few minutes. To my surprise, they really did, and after I managed to complete a few surveys and offers I got my codes.

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