Food On The Brain

Food is something I try to be smart about. I try to buy as much healthy food as possible and limit the junk food that is in our house. I try my best to teach my seven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter how to eat healthy and why it is important. So, far this has not been a problem. My kids are some of the few their age who regularly eat and actually enjoy fruits and vegetables. They are allowed junk food every once in awhile as I do not believe in completely depriving them from it, but they don’t always choose it even when it is available. So far, I am lucky and can get by with grocery shopping every couple of weeks, for the most part.

My friend completely envies me, she can’t seem to ever get away from the grocery store. She has five teenage boys who are all in sports and work outdoors on weekends and in the summers. Their stomachs seem to never be satisfied, when they are home, they are constantly eating. My friend may think that her house is well-stocked in food, but that can change in a matter of hours, minutes sometimes. It doesn’t matter what she buys, healthy food, or junk food, it disappears quickly. Just to say, I think two kids are plenty for me, I don’t like the grocery store that much.

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