Follow the Panda and the Penguin: Complying with the Latest Search Engine Standards

Google has become stricter in terms of checking if websites follow optimization regulations. Make sure your website is complying with the current Panda and Penguin updates. Check your web pages with SEO specialists to find out which areas you need to improve on. This helps you learn whether your site shows any of the following:

Duplicate content
Duplicate title tags
Keyword repetition
Mirror pages

These are just some of the qualities that Google and other search engines consider as spam. They make it their goal to push down the rankings of sites that break their rules. Spiders are also now smarter in detecting badly written content that doesnt provide any value for its readers. This shows how essential it is to make sure your site is spam-free.

Creating an On-Page SEO Checklist

A checklist you can use for reference will check the website for errors that might risk a penalty. Start with keyword testing to determine if your content has more than the regulated number of search terms. The alt tags, headings, URL structure, and the internal links also have to undergo an authentication check.

Content is also another essential area of your website. Its not enough that you create original content. It must also grab attention and nurture interest. This improves the user experience of your website, which is an important element that search engine spiders look for.

Get to know how you can enhance your website with the help of leading SEO companies, such as SEOMark . They will help you find out if your website is up to the standards set by the search engines.

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