Flexible Meal Plan for Traveling

Now, even if you don’t want to print fast-food menus or look for heart-healthy items in a dark corner booth at your favorite restaurant, a little common sense can help you conquer the fat-loss code no matter where you eat or how long you’re away from home.

The first step to fast fat burn success while traveling is not to leave your plan behind! Both Crack the Fat-Loss Code and Conquer the Fat-Loss Code were designed to be portable, realistic, and livable. Your fat-loss plan doesn’t have to be rigid and static when it comes to the days of the week.

When you understand the true concept of macro-patterning and how it works to affect fat loss in your body, you can then treat your meal plans like a deck of cards; sometimes that means moving a few carb-up days together-like you might on vacation or over an eat-as-you-go business trip-and other times shifting your carb-down or deplete days around to accommodate your plans.

For instance, let’s say you’re going to a family reunion at Aunt Fannie’s and you just know you’re not going to get away without sampling a table full of her high-carb goodies.

Well, if the trip is from Thursday to Saturday, you can safely bet that you’ll be using all your carb-up days for the week while you’re away. To plan for the trip without tossing your fat-loss program out the window, you could shift your carb-down days for the week to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

That way your body can still absorb the increase in carbohydrates you’ll consume while you’re out of town. When you get back, you can shuffl e your days around some more and plan to spend Sunday and Monday either carbing down or carb depleting. With these adjustments, you’ve still had a full week on the plan; you’ve merely shifted days around to absorb the trip you knew you were going to take two weeks in advance.

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