Fishing Rod Bags and What to Look For

If you are a keen fisherman, a fishing rod bag can make the task of getting to and from the lake a lot easier. Many a time I have seen people arriving at the lake with fishing tackle hanging everywhere; they are exhausted even before they have set their rod up. A rod bag can carry a wide range of fishing tackle and equipment, not just the fishing rods. This makes it much more manageable and comfortable for you on your journey. Below are some of the elements you should consider before deciding to invest in any rod bag.

First and foremost, a rod bag needs to be able to protect your fishing rods whilst you are transporting them. It needs to be able to protect your rods from gentle knocks they may accidently receive when moving them around. For this reason, a padded rod bag will always be better than just a plain cloth one. You should also choose a rod bag that exactly matches the size of your rods because it will prevent your rod from moving around inside too much. A snug fit is much better and keeps your rod better protected.

A rod bag should also be made from strong materials that are unlikely to rip easily, and stitched to a high standard. It is advisable also to choose a waterproof material as it will naturally get wet from time to time. There should also be a solid spine running down the length of the rod that means the rod bag will stand upright when empty. The reason a spine is so important is so that it relieves any unnecessary pressure being applied to your fishing rods. If you rod bag did not have a solid spin, it would be your fishing rods that would take the entire weight of the rod bag, resulting in probable breakage.

The last thing you need to consider is what you will want to keep in the rod bag. Of course you will want to keep your fishing rods in there, but you may also want to take a fishing umbrella, bank sticks, landing net and more. A good rod bag should have extra compartments to house all these other bits of tackle. Just be aware not to put too much in the rod bag though, or it will end up extremely heavy and uncomfortable to carry.

Ultimately, you want a rod bag to be strong, sturdy and comfortable to carry. There are some good value ones out there on various discount fishing tackle sites. Research the internet and compare prices, but always make sure to read any reviews before purchasing. Always check the size of your rods too so that you know they will fit inside. Knowing what to look for in a fishing rod bag can make your fishing trips much more enjoyable.

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