Fishing Manners and Common Sense

Fishing is a sport where you will inevitably be in contact with other people from time to time. You may arrive at a lake and find that you will be fishing in close proximity to another fisherman. Being courteous and showing good manners to your fellow fisherman is a must; always show them the respect with which you wish to be shown yourself. A little bit of common sense and respect should also be shown to the environment you are in. Here are a few things to consider making sure every fishing trip is enjoyable by all.

If you do find yourself fishing nearby to someone, before you cast your fishing rod, always make sure to check with any nearby angler as to where they have cast there line. There is nothing worse than having someone cast over your line resulting in a big tangle and possible loss of tackle. It can be a long days fishing if you upset a nearby angler knowing that they have now lost respect for you. In the same respect, always make sure you keep your noise to a minimum. Noisy fishermen will infuriate other nearby fishermen who are out for a nice peaceful relaxing day.

Some fishing venues also have a lot of the general public walking around too. Park lakes and the beach are two of these types of locations where fishermen and general public are likely to come in to contact. Casting your fishing rod in busy areas must be done with caution. Always ensure that there is no one standing behind you before you cast. Sometimes the general public like to watch people fish and they will naturally stand behind you. If you are unaware they are there, you could end up hooking them. Always check, it is better to be safe than sorry.

I have turned up on many occasions to a lake only to find that the previous people who fished there have left all their litter behind. This is totally unacceptable to both the environment and other people who like to fish there. Once you pack all your fishing rods away after an enjoyable day, it only takes one minute to ensure you have left nothing behind. After all, you bought it all with you so you should be the one to dispose of it properly. More often than not, you will find litter bins nearby also. Discarded fishing line is also very dangerous for local wildlife too as people tend to coil it up in to a big loop before discarding. Small animals can get trapped in this, so one way of eliminating this issue is once you have coiled it up, simply use a pair of scissors to snip through it. This makes sure there is nothing for a small animal to get caught in.

Fishing is a fantastic sport, nothing beats relaxing in the sun with a fishing rod in your hand. Showing a few good manners and a bit of common sense costs absolutely nothing and makes sure it is a pleasant experience for everyone. If you have never been fishing, it is something you must surely try. You can find information on rods and tackle on the Emtec fishing website that will help you to get started.

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