Finding Ways To Make Your Workouts More Exciting

We are a nation that is really out of shape and we are getting worse. With the amount that we all work people are often just to busy to get a workout in or to eat better. If you can break that habbit, which is hard, then you still have the problem of being excited and intereted in working out. A lot of the problem in my eyes is that people think about being healthy and working out as a chore instead of something that is fun and exciting. This is because there is a connotation that working out is supposed to be hard and boring. It is even part of the name, “work”. Well, I think it would all be different if we should change our outlook on the whole idea and think of it as more of play. Kids play and run around so why shouldnt adults.

I think this is the trick to having a healthy life style. Do things that are fun and that are more like playing. Go do different physical activities, try to make games out of them, and just have a postiive attitude about the whole idea. My workout life is based around doing all sorts of different activities. I play basketball, tennis, lift weights, go surfing, and do yoga. All these things would be boring to be if they were all I do but the variety helps so much. If you are stuck in a routine of not working out or of not enjoying your workouts change them. Do something different like going to a New York City pilates studio. There are a lot around the city, like ericopilates and can add variety to your workouts so that you can keep learning and stay engaged. This works for me but I know that it is not always easy.

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