Finding A Cheap Place To Eat

I love going out to eat. The experience is always fun and it gives you an excuse to hang out with someone. The food is usually good and you can wash it down with a couple beers. The thing that is a drag is that it can be expensive to go out. You can spend $50 per person easily if you are not paying attention. After drinks and dinner you will like be spending a good amount of money. Plus if you do this a couple times a week you can see you money dwindle pretty fast. That is why I am always looking for great dinner deals. If I can find an affordable place to get a bite then maybe I will have some extra cash to go again later in the week. The more I save the more often I get to go.

My favorite Boston specials are the ones where you can get a two for one dinner and a free bottle of wine. These deals happen a lot more often than you would expect. If you go to dinner Monday through Thursday then you will find that restaurants are trying to get people into their seats because there is just not enough people going out. They will do weekday specials because they have a enough tables for a busy weekend crowd but are only getting a portion of that traffic. That is why you can find these two for one deals. It is usually a fixed menu but you will usually get salad or soup and a desert with it. The deals are great and it is often in nicer restaurants that might normally be out of your price range. If you like putting on a tie and having a fine dining experience this is a way to do it without breaking the bank.

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