Fancy Goldfish for everyone

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            We love goldfish and <a href="">fancy goldfish</a> is one of the most loved and widely adopted by a human for taming. The goldfish was initially founded in China and later exported to Japan and America. Normally goldfish can grow up to 30 cm, in open ponds or in natural water their size may also increase up to 40 cm. These fish are known for their vibrant colors and polite nature. The both sides of the fish are golden in color whereas belly is of a yellowish color. The goldfish can live up to 25 years if survived in a clean and comfortable environment. There are many varieties of goldfish and some of the most liked are described below:<br /><br />1.Bubble eye: As the name suggests this fish has big eyes which resembles a bubble filled with water and its eyes is a quarter of its entire body. It is better to keep this type of fish in a separate bowl so that its eyes don't get injured.<br /><br />2.Comet: This type of fish come in many colors and is the most easily available types of goldfish. It is in demand in many nations due to its long tails. <br /><br />3.Subunit: Subunit is very popular and loved goldfish. It is very attractive because of its color combination.<br />
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