Facts On Ephedra And Ephedrine

There were facts established before the all important fat removal drug called ephedra & ephedrine was taken out of the market. This was a good move since it made sure that no more people lay at risk of this drug. At first, it seemed to be very effective and many people went for it as a solution to their weight problems. It was also a good thing to ensure that they had managed to come up with a replacement to satisfy the users.

When the all important ephedra & ephedrine drug was made, it was evident that they will be in a position to get the obese problem sorted out as soon as possible. it was indeed effective and coupled with proper diet and exercise, it was plausible that many people were losing weight in a good manner and therefore the specialists always recommended it for their obese patients who also found it to be effective.

But after a couple of months after its introduction to the market passed it was realized that most of the people who were using them were starting to develop some funny problems which were related to its intake and most of it was heart related. A quick examination was done into the matter and when it was noted to be the main cause of the heart attacks thanks to the ephedra, it was decided that it should be taken out of the market as soon as possible.

There was a call from the governments to warn many of its citizens to keep off their usage and this is why the raspberry ketones were introduced and this was a good thing since it ensured that they were able to lose fat without the risk of losing their life. Despite the ban, there are still some goons going around selling the banned drug to people and as such, everyone must be on the alert.

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