Facts Before Leaning About Linux

Linux is known as an operating system and it is very popular among programmers and most common also among computer technicians. People are used to built in operating systems such as Windows OS and Mac OS which made it hard for people to recognize Linux right away. But Linux has some great benefits that can be achieved without having prerequisites that could make you stop from learning it. With the most minimum and basic computer knowledge that you have, anyone can make its way to learn Linux. Maybe all you just have to know is how to turn on the computer, operate the keyboard and most especially, search the web. Many people do not know the reasons and still wonder Why learn Linux?

This does not also require too much computer memory. That means even the lowest specifications of a computer can run this operating system. Another good thing about it is it does not require having the most updated computer specification just like what we have nowadays. An old and outdated machine can be of use with Linux. It has different versions and can be very compatible with whatever kind of computer that you have in your household. It simply means that it is very user friendly and does not require much.

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