Facts about Calico Cat That You Need to Know

Many of us love to have pets and one of the most loved pets is the cat. Among the many breed of cats, the calico cats are the most domesticated animal because many love its triple coloration which is fascinating. It is mostly white with different patches of colors like orange and black. Those that we found in the outskirt of North America have the unusual pattern known as tortoiseshell and white. The facts about Calico cat are that it has different names, in Quebec; they are the chatte dEspagne, while in Japan they are the cat, mi-ke and in the Dutch they are the lapjeskat. It likewise follows certain patterns known as acaliby.

There is no specific historical background to the effects of the range of colors for these particular breed. However, it was traced that the origin of these cats were from the port cities in the Mediterranean part of France, Italy and Spain while some were said to have come from Egypt.

Particular facts about calico cat are that these are commonly female. This can best be explained that X chromosomes are present in female mammal as well as in cats which happen to produce the coloration. Male cats generally have the Y chromosomes that produce genes with no color. Rarely though there are male cats that have the XXY chromosomes thus producing the male cat with the tortoiseshell color predominantly found in calico cats. Sadly though; these male calico cats or those that have the tortoiseshell coloration are commonly sterile due to the abnormal presence of the two X chromosomes. With only 1 success out of 3,000 cases for its breeding record; calico cats are often rejected for breeding purposes. In addition, it is rather difficult to the point of being impossible to reproduce this fur pattern in the calico cats through cloning because of the X chromosomes inactivation. However, much is still needed to be learned from the facts about calico cat; it is still one of the most impressive coloration for the cats of today.

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