Facebook and Twitter Updates: Is it worth investing in?

Social media marketing is a touchy subject for some people. They don’t want to be on Facebook or Twitter all the time, but they don’t understand that they are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. you don’t have to be glued tot he computer 24/7, and you certainly don’t have to do this just from your computer. We now have tablets and phones that can do the same things with much greater efficiency.

The beauty of a social media marketing strategy is that it fits your lifestyle. So, anyone who has about the same lifestyle as you is going to buy in. Remember that Facebook and Twitter are passive and active at the same time. You can post from anywhere, and people may read the posts at anytime, but it is constantly buzzing with posts from millions of people. Instead of trying to post all the time, you want to post when you feel like it so that your followers feel like they’re following a real person and not just a guy who owns a business. When you make yourself more human, people get more interested.

When you’re on social media, make yourself relevant, talk about the issues in the world today and relate them to your brand in a very non-nonchalant way. You don’t want to be too forward unless you are offering some kind of special deal for a product or service. Otherwise, you don’t need to make sales pitches. all you really have to do is be yourself and be engaging. Post daily and that will get people used to reading your posts everyday. Be interesting and original, but don’t try to be cute about it. Just be who you are and people will naturally flock to you.

Social media isn’t a drag. It will being more people to your business and it will turn out to be quite fun in the future as you make new friends and learn new things in the process of enhancing your brand presence.

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