Expectations From Electronic Cigarettes

You could have a variety of expectations from electronic cigarettes however only a portion of these expectations would go on to be actually realistic, the rest may not be realized at all simply because they would tend to be unrealistic. Sure, electronic cigarettes can be used to quit smoking but that does not mean you can quit smoking by using these cigarette types in any way that you like. They will rather have to be used in a way that has been proven to work for people looking to quit smoking and not in any other way that the smoker may choose out of their own free will.

A simple rule of thumb is that, you should be using electronic cigarettes without any form of nicotine content to realize your goals of being able to quit smoking. However, because some chronic smokers can simply not live without nicotine, they may want to consider using concentrations of nicotine within their e liquids for a period of time till they are comfortable reducing it to nil. This could in itself amount to be a challenge worth considering. But knowledge and practice would be the key to your success so work towards quitting to smoke in a sustainable manner.

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