Exercise Equipment to Help Regain Mobility

If you are recovering from a long term injury and are following the advice of a physiotherapist then there are some low impact pieces of equipment that can improve mobility and aid you in your recovery.

Hand exercisers come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to improve both your hand strength and dexterity. Massage balls fit in the palm of your hand and are designed to relieve tension and improve circulation. They are soft and require little strength to squeeze in and out. If used as part of a home physiotherapy routine, over time it can improve your wrist, forearm and hand strength and improve the overall grip and mobility. Always make sure you get the right sized ball for your hand as they do vary slightly. Other types of hand exercisers may be spring loaded; these usually require more effort to use and should only be used once your hand strength has already recovered sufficiently.

If you are trying to improve the mobility of your lower body, one option could be a simple pedal exerciser. These follow the exact some principle of a bicycle but without the need to use a bike. They are a simple set of pedals that you can use from any seat and can be adjust to a pressure that is suitable for you. This allows the user to pedal and exercise their legs from the comfort of your own chair. Another type of pedal exerciser comes in the form of a simple step that you place your foot on. You then apply pressure to it, gently rocking your foot back and forth. This improves your circulation and gives a more gentle exercise to your lower leg and foot.

A good low impact arm exerciser can come in the form of an exercise band. This soft elasticated band can be used as part of an approved home physiotherapy programme to increase your core strength and arm mobility.

Any home physiotherapy programme should only be conducted following the advice of a trained physiotherapist. If you use the wrong piece of equipment you could end up hindering your mobility even further. You can find home physiotherapy equipment at www.fireflymobility.com.

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