Enjoy The Appeal Of Glass In Your New Pool Fence

Natural products are quite appealing for a number of reasons. For pool fencing, glass is unique because the clarity of the panels belies its true strength. For something that seems so delicate, glass is surprisingly durable and long lasting, even in the face of harsh weather and rough use. Along with the marine grade hardware used by the best installers, glass makes completely secure fencing that is quite beautiful and virtually maintenance free.

Australian made glass panels have demonstrated consistently dependable protection as pool fences. These panels come in several thicknesses for the amount of security necessary. The secret to constructing high quality glass pool fences is in the stainless steel hardware and installation techniques of contractors who specialize in glass pool fencing. This hardware is designed for use in the open with exposure to sun, water, wind and freezing. There is also an electro finishing process for extra corrosion resistance and an opportunity to add colour and texture for decorative appeal.

The fittings are bolted together through the glass panels for maximum hold. Some installers rely on adhesives to hold the hardware to the glass but that does not always work well. The top contractors who believe in complete customer satisfaction also prepare precise holes to hold the base spigots and calk them in place for stability and strength.

Along with the option for colour and texture with the stainless steel, the glass can also be tinted, frosted or have a design etched into the surface to create visual appeal. There are 3 choices for framing the glass; full framing, partial framing or no framing at all. With full framing, each entire panel is surrounded by stainless steel and they are joined by stainless steel posts between them. Partial framing uses only the posts and no framing depends on just the base spigots.

With a guarantee of strength and so many possibilities for style and appearance, it is no wonder that so many people are responding to the appeal of glass for pool fencing.

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