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Empower Up
Empower Up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 15k formula found inside Empower Network is a training that was created over a year ago. Although some of the strategies might still work, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe founders of Empower Network decided to take a turn and remodel the whole training. Unlike other gurus that you might find in the internet, Empower Network is an honest company and the information that you learn from the products is constantly being updated to strategies that are working now. They believe in giving it you us straight up with information that is up to date. This new remodeled 15k training series is the meat and potatoes. Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe jump straight to the point and lay out the business strategies of the most successful and highest paid marketers online. They literally are digging into their daily routines and into their brains and are still in the process of finishing by adding new videos that include new angles of getting leads, traffic, and team building but most importantly the strategies that will get you the results that you are looking for in your pocket. In the 15k formula you will learn, just like many others have, how to make 15k a month or more monthly.

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