Eggs Or Cereals- Which Is A Better Breakfast Option?

Packed cereal boxes are a staple in every one’s home. They are the most sought after breakfast option. With time running out in the frenzied mornings, it is not feasible to cook elaborate breakfast. With no cooking or heating involved, you can get them ready in a jiffy and head off to work. Even kids can conveniently rustle up a cereal breakfast. But, how many days have you felt hungry despite not skipping your breakfast? This is because the readily available cereals are packed with sugar, most of them as much as 3 teaspoons. Thus they add to the calories and also the sugar craving as a result would make you grab a mid morning snack. It is recommended to choose diet plans that offer a wider selection of breakfast option with low calories. For this purpose you can avail the benefit of nutrisystem discount code to gain discounts on meal purchases.

However with eggs which are high in protein, you get a sense of fullness which will hold you on till lunch time. It has also been found that eggs contain an enzyme that inhibits fat absorption, thus helping those who are on weight loss programs. There are many egg recipes that can be whipped up in less than 5 minutes giving you multiple benefits like quality and filling breakfast in the fastest possible time.

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