Effective Way To Eliminate Tension And Stage Fright

Every public speaker should realize about the solemn truth shared in this article for effective seminar presentation in every field of life. There are simple but hidden things to know in order to have boldness for the presentation. Psychology and physiology worked together and discovered the link between exercise and tension. However, this exercise, popularly known as Buteyko’s exercise, serves one purpose of taking in carbon dioxide into the human system.

The presence of carbon dioxide in the human body and blood is an unparalleled asset. Nearly every normal human being in the world today over breath and this removes more carbon dioxide than usual. This results to overexcitement of the brain, tension and lots of other negative consequences. A person, who becomes a victim of this menace, will not be able to deliver his neatly prepared seminar topics before the audience. You should realize that a good project presentation goes beyond your preparation and academic work; it also has to do with your psychological state at the moment. Poor psychological state results in tension, which can be corrected by Buteyko’s method.

Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian scientist, asserted that inhaling your exhaled carbon dioxide in an air proof bag can reduce the overexcitement of the brain and therefore, tension and stage fright is forestalled.

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