Easier Living Than Our Mothers

After changing the third diaper of the day, I realized that I am running low on my stock pile, and it’s time for some Amazon shopping. How easy is Amazon shopping? I have Amazon Prime, so for $70/year, I get free 2 day shipping on all Amazon Prime eligible items. It’s great. My mother never had the luxury of shopping from the comfort of her own home. In fact, if she needed something, she would have to pile the kids in the car, buckle us up, drive to the store, unpack the kids, and lug us around the store to get the items she needed. Then, she’d pile us back in the car, get us situated, and drive us home. Such a simple errand could be absolutely exhausting.

I for one am very thankful the times have changed. The further technology advances, the easier it seems to get for us mothers, right? Well, I guess not counting the new headaches of monitoring our children’s internet activity and protecting them from online predators. I guess there’s a balance. Things might be more dangerous now in some respects, but at least the simple errand of picking up some diapers is just a few clicks away for me. With a little planning and a little internet savvy, stocking up on the necessities is a breeze.

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