Dresses Inspired By Various Designs

Childrens dresses are inspired by a lot of things that fascinate children. For example, you will find ladybug dresses inspired by the insect called a ladybird, Minnie and chicken invaders dresses inspired by cartoon characters and strawberry dresses whose designs are inspired by the fruit called strawberry as well as phase eight dresses being inspired by elegant fashion. All these styles and designs are meant to appeal to young children and especially girls. In this article we are going to focus on a type of baby dresses called the strawberry dress. As mentioned earlier, this is a dress whose style and colour are inspired by the fruit it is named after.

There are many colour varieties of the strawberry dress. Most of them however mimic the red fruit colour and thus most of the dresses are predominantly red. The red colour is then accompanied by another colour such as black or white in form of polka dots. In some other cases the dress will be white with red polka dots or white with black polka dots. In general, strawberry dresses make use of the colours white, red, black and pink.

Strawberry dresses are baby dresses and for that reason they have to be manufactured in such a manner that they are comfortable to children. The wrong material could cause skin irritation. This could lead to excessive itching and may even lead to a skin injury. It is therefore very important that the material chosen not irritating to the skin. The best material is usually cotton especially is the child is to stay with the dress for a long period of time. For important and special occasions, material such as satin can be used. For the design, most strawberry dresses incorporate a red sash at the waist which makes the dress look very beautiful and lively.

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