Dr. Tony Morks Short Guide To Health And Back Pain

In today’s fast paced world people are so busy with their work that they don’t get the time to think about their health. They run after money, luxury and material possessions but they have forgotten that health is wealth. Though now many people are getting more conscious about their health, a certain section still does overtime to earn a few extra bucks. Sitting for long hours at a stretch at home or office, playing computer games for a long time and consuming insufficient nutrients all contribute to back pain.

In the present scenario where every single step breathes technology, there is very little we can do to avoid back pain. Back pain is one of the major problems of the present society. People of all ages and sex suffer from this problem. Dr. Tony Mork, the founder of Endoscopic Spinal Academy and an experienced orthopaedic surgeon tells us about the various causes of back pain. They are- drying out of intervertebral discs, muscle imbalance, poor posture, emotional stress or trauma and structural problems like scoliosis and kyphosis. The diseases that affect the spinal cord and induce back pain are spondylitis, arthritis and osteoporosis.

So what is the solution? Doing pain relief exercises and taking medications can help provide temporary solutions. According to Dr. Tony Mork, the permanent and the best solution is to go for surgery. He has performed uncountable successful endoscopic surgeries that relieved many clients of their chronic back pain. He offers the following services to his clients:

1. Laser spine surgery that does not require an incision more than 1 inch long
2. General anaesthesia is not needed at all
3. Expensive physical therapy is not required
4. All postoperative care is conducted by him

Finally we can say that prevention is better than cure. If we can slightly change our lifestyles, eat good food, exercise regularly and take care of our health then we can prevent back pain.

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