Dr. Tony Mork On The Back Pain Menace

The sheer discomfort that comes with neck and back pain is often times intolerable. People who suffer from neck and back pain will experience symptoms such as a tingling sensation and numbness in addition to the pain. However, experts like Tony Mork who have studied back pain in depth say that in most cases, the pain plus the accompanying symptoms usually clear by themselves in the majority of cases. Unfortunately, a few people are not as lucky as the pain refuses to go away prompting professional treatment.

Intense neck and back pain can cause untold suffering to patients. It can hamper day to day activities making even the simplest of tasks impossible to perform. Neck and back pain can be a life changing experience with victims not being able to go to work, to play their favorite sport or to work out, to participate fully in their family life, to sit or sleep properly et cetera. After years of intensive research, Dr. Tony Mork suggests that using laser spine techniques and spinal surgery may offer relief to people who suffer from chronic back pain. However, he is quick to point out that each case is unique. And before a patient makes the decision to opt for surgery, they should employ other alternative treatment methods. These may include; physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, medication et cetera. These may offer long term solutions in some cases while in others; it will only offer temporary relief.

When patients make the hard decision of choosing to undergo spinal surgery, (often after all else fail) when successful, they get immediate relief. Experiencing less pain has more benefits because patients are able to reclaim their lives. Their need for prescribed pain-relieving medicines reduces and so do the side effects of medication. They will also enjoy better physical form and increased productivity/activity. Being a beneficiary of a successful spinal surgery has given me a new lease of life.

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