Don’t Risk Getting A DUI Because It Is Expensive

Getting a DUI is a very stressful and expensive thing. First you will lose your driver’s license which makes it so inconvenient for getting around. You have to pay cabs, beg for friends, and wait for buses. This will go on for about a year, adding up costs while your car sits going unused. Also, you are going to have to fight these charges and spend money hiring a DUI lawyer. Lawyers are not cheap. They generally do charge a flat fee for DUI defense work but that fee is usually around the $1000 mark. On top of hiring the Rhode+Island+DUI+lawyer you will also have court fees, and whatever fines that come down on you. You could be charged with a few thousand dollars in fines, community service, and possibly be required to put a breathalyzer on your car starter as a requirement to getting your license back. It is a lot to pay for and that is assuming that you did not get in an accident.

Should you be in an accident because you were drinking and drinking all the penalties will be higher and you will be on the hook for civil liability to the property or person you injured. This will require more legal fees, and will likely end up in a judgement against you for the damage done. Insurance might cover some of this but a lot of insurance policies actually void coverage in the event of drunk drivers. The insurance company does not want to be liable for your recklessness. Instead insurance is designed to cover negligent driving, which is merely making a mistake while behind the wheel. Reckless driving is usually the standard for drunk driving because it was voluntarily done and the risks when you are drunk driving are so high. The lesson is to not take the massive risks by driving drunk.

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