Do You Have To Sacrifice Sound Quality With Wireless Speakers?mus

There is an old question having to do with the performance of wireless speakers: “Do wireless speakers have the same sound quality as corded models?”. In this article I will try to answer that question. Hopefully you’ll be able to shop with more confidence after reading this post.

The performance of cordless models has improved a lot over the last few years thanks to manufacturers coming up with new technologies which improve the reliability and also quality of the wireless link. Obviously it is crucial to have an optimum wireless link in order to get good sound quality. Speakers which do not use audio compression in general have the best sound quality. That is because audio compression removes information from the signal in order to save bandwidth.

As an example, just take a look at the latest XM Radio satellite receivers. Due to the limited bandwidth and large number of audio channels, the radio operator is using a fair amount of compression while transmitting the signal. The result is that regardless of how good your speakers are that you connect to the receiver, the sound quality will never be perfect. However, wireless speakers that use decent wireless transmission boast nearly the same sound quality as their corded rivals.

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