Distinct Nutrient Requirements For Men & Women

There is a difference between the diets recommended for men and women. Due to the physical differences between the genders, the diets do differ. When you consider the daily caloric recommendations for men and women, you can notice the difference instantly. On average, the physique of men is stronger and taller as they acquire heavy muscles than women. An active woman weighing around 120 pounds require about 2,000 calories in a day. Similarly, a man weighing around 170 pounds will need around 2,800 calories every day. Consequently, almost all diets are designed separately keeping the genders in mind. Diet programs like nutrisystem offer best of diet plans for men and women.

Men and women are prone to distinct health concerns. Therefore, the diet recommendations for both genders cannot be the same. Women require more iron supply than men as women go though iron loss during their menstrual period. Similarly, men require more fiber to reduce the risks of rectal cancers. Also, in order to avoid risks of osteoporosis in women, adequate amount of calcium is required. As far as diets are concerned, men need to intake more of protein enriched foods. A man should consume about 15 percent of protein daily for a diet consisting of 2,800 calories. Thus, these are some of the nutritional information for both genders.

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