Different Types Of Drugs Made From Snake Venom

It is widely known fact that snake venom is a death causing substance for humans. It is a kind of modified saliva which emits at the time of snake bite. But, it is also true that the venom produced by snakes is using in some useful purposes like medical products or treatments. There are many kinds of snake species and all of them produce different kind of venom. It differs in number of enzymes, type of effect on human’s body etc. But, I will tell you some main types of drugs made by snake venoms and their purposes. You can read out them below:

Protac: This is a kind of drug made from Agkistrodon species of snakes. The main purpose of Protac is to resolve the problem of hemostasis. A hemostasis is a process that causes bleeding to stop in humans’ body.

Hemocoagulase and Defibrase: The patients suffering from coagulation, high blood pressure or ischemia problems can use the Hemocoagulase drug. These are made from snake venom emitted by bothrops species. Click at for snake venom drugs.

Ancrod or Viprinex: This is a kind of drug used for hemostasis and stroke problems. A stroke is death causing procedure which can be avoided by using ancord or Viprinex drug. These are made from Calloselasma snake species.

Exanta: This is an anti-coagulation drug which is manufactured by venoms emitted by Naza snake species.

These were some widely used drugs that are made from snake venoms. Researchers are still doing a research to find more useful purposes of snake venoms.

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