Different Techniques Of Making Patterned Glass

Different techniques are generally employed when making patterned glass. The most common techniques are discussed below:

1. The leading technique

Leading involves interlocking and assembling pieces of glass together with lead. There are two types of lead used in this process; H-shaped lead and U-shaped lead. This is commonly used between two pieces of glass while the latter is used on the outside perimeter of mirrors, panels etc. the lead came chosen depends on the type of glass and the project being made. The lead came used in this process is not usually. It is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger and resistant to oxidation. This makes the final product more durable.

2. The copper foil technique

This technique involves using copper foil to wrap pieces of glass then soldering them together along the seams. Copper used in this process is usually thin and foil-like. This technique is usually preferred to the leading technique because copper is stronger, requires less putty than lead and waterproof. Copper used is sold in different sizes. Depending on the thickness of the glass and the desired final look, the size of copper chosen varies.

In both of the above techniques, soldering is employed to join the metals to glass.

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