Different Styles of Engagement Ring Settings

If you are going for a solitaire diamond ring or an open-work lattice ring with numerous gems, the jewelry design ought to flawlessly describe your character. So, it is important to gain a minute knowledge about different variations of diamond settings before purchasing them.

Each diamond ring setting has its own charm that splits it from other designs. Let us speak about them in brief:

A prong setting is usually associated with a solitaire ring. It puts importance on the diamond middle & not the supporting metal. This structure holds the diamond top securely in such a way that it ensures both secure attachment of the stone & maximum light reflection. You can search on the internet to get engagement ring settings only.

Prong Setting:

In prong setting or claw setting, the gemstone is placed in to 4-6 metal prongs made of gold or platinum. It forms a basket-like structure. Rounded prong ends are common. Oval, V-type & personalized decorative designs are also popular. The intricately designed structure puts the diamond top higher up above the shank to minimize the exposure of the metal frame.

V-prongs are extensively used to firmly grip pointed diamond shapes. ‘Common prong setting’ permits the jeweler to place gemstones side-by-side.

Channel Setting:

Channel setting places a cluster of gemstones in to a precious metal channel. The diamonds smoothly flow in an uninterrupted row as no metallic part separates them. This setting is popular for wedding jewelry. An engagement ring with several Princess-cut diamonds on both sides of its body enhances the appeal of the ring’s middle diamond. You can consult stepcoupons.com┬áto get more information about diamond settings.

Bezel Setting:

Bezel setting acts like a collar of precious metal framing that encircles the stone. The bezel is structured to map with the size & shape of the gemstone. It is alloyed to integrate with the ring metal. The stone is then put in to the encircling metal & the bezel corners are pressed down over the stone angles.

Pave Setting:

Pave setting set multiple small diamonds of 58 facets together to generate a cobblestones strewn roadway-type design.

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