dietary supplements examples

Food supplements as minerals, herbs and some vitamins. are referred to as the dietary supplements. These supplements usually come in a form of capsules, pills, drinks, powders and energy bars. It is not mandatory for the supplements to go through testing in the same manner as drugs although; some supplements can play a vital role on health issues. For instance, supplements like vitamin D and calcium, are very vital in the strengthening of the bones. It is true according to the experts that when pregnant women take vitamin folic acid, they greatly prevent defects on their babies.
It is important to observe safety when taking dietary supplements as follows; your health care provider should be familiar with any dietary supplements you are taking. For those people who have to go through surgery, are supposed to notify their health providers so that they can understand the type of dietary supplements they have been taking. You should read and understand some of the trustworthy information concerning the supplements. Lastly, keep the right dosage as per the labels; this will assist you in taking the right ratio, which is required by your body for effective absorption. All the above are the right procedures that people who use supplements should embrace for best results.

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