Diet After Lap Band Surgery

After lap band surgery, maybe you are ecstatic over the outcomes. Now all you need to do is eat right to continue the success yourself. It is going to be hard to a point, since you have to change a lifetime of eating habits. All you need to do is follow the diet information which goes along with the process instructions.

a) Begin drinking water a couple of hours after operation, per your doctor’s instructions. That is all that is allowed the first day to be able to get your tummy back in working order. The point is really to work into eating “regular” foods slowly so you will not overtax your digestive system.

b) This really is when you are going to have the ability to eat foods like cottage cheese, cream soup, and yogurt. This will prevent you from having problems and overfeeding yourself. In addition to that you can grab info by lap band Los Angeles via , ,, etc.

c) You can begin to have soft foods now, and soup is going to be your friend here. Be sure to use very little pieces of meat which are well cooked in broth to keep them soft.

d) Eat slowly. This is crucial because on the fourth week, you’re ready to give regular foods a trial. After chewing your foods until pulverized, you have spent about 30 minutes resting for every meal.

e) Chow down nearly anything that you need now (watch your portion size). It has been over a month, and before you are aware of it, you will be eating foods like everyone else-only smaller quantities. You won’t mind this since you will be losing pounds every week the same as you wanted on account of the lap band surgery.

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