Deer Antler Velvet Spray: Non-Chemical Supplement

The only thing that promotes rapid muscle growth, retard pain and effectively promotes cell division without any potent chemical drugs and steroidal content is this fastest growing deer antler velvet spray.

This is an extract from New Zealands Male Deer, known to have higher saturation levels of growth hormones and nutrients. Deer antler velvet spray comes from the substance extracted from pre-calcified antlers of a male deer. Its growth nutrients are meteorically in demand all over. Among athletes and with patients who are in pain, this spray works terribly perfect.

The deer antler velvet has essential growth hormone resembling that of insulin-like growth factor, medically called IGF-1. This is very effective in healing cartilage and tendon injuries, Orthopedics claimed. IGF-1 supplements are linked to improving cartilage damages from traumatic exposures. This happens with athletes and the older ones.

IGF-1 works naturally in the body by building blocks of proteins to lay the basics of muscle growth. This substance, when sprayed give cells a bigger chance to multiply because the necessary protein blocks. Rapid cell division results to rapid muscle growth and this in turn promotes healing faster and easier. Professional body builders use this as regular dietary supplement. Contrary to what other say that this substance is banned, it has been widely used worldwide.

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