Deer Antler Velvet Spray For Body Building

There are no other non-steroid growth enhancers that can boost your muscle tissues better than Deer Antler Velvet spray. This is mainly composed of substances taken from pre-calcified antlers. Deer antlers are essential growth hormones similar to insulin-growth factor 1, simply called IGF-1. These substances are produced by the brain and the liver and it regulates body growth. These types of hormones are administered at times to children with severe growth problems.

Deer antler velvet is extracted safely with the aid of an anaesthetic administered by a veterinarian. No deer is harmed or killed in the process of extraction. As studied, these substances are effective cartilage and muscle damage controllers.

IGF-1 is known to have self-cure properties. As growth enhancers, they provide the basic matrix for protein blocks needed for cell division. Rapid cell division promotes muscle growth and healing. Professional athletes are prone to have stressed muscles, at times damaged muscles. This is where deer antler velvet is very much needed.

Based on laboratory results, deer antler is composed of Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Amino Acids. It also has prostaglandins that take care of the inflammation of muscles and joints. Body builders who have normal dosage of ingestion are observed to increased muscle size and strength.

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