Debarking. Different Techniques.

One of the most critical areas to be considered in the timber business is the debarking stage, which is the peeling of the bark from the tree. This is one area that different techniques have been used by millers with respect to intent and purposes of the logs produced in the end. Some of the factors to be considered therefore in this process include:

Type of wood: – one has to factor in whether a tree is a softwood or hardwood material in order to choose the method by which the bark can be removed from the tree.

Aesthetic value: often while one wants to remove the bark off a tree, he has to consider whether he wants the natural shine of the tree to be left intact or not. Therefore considerable effort is put to ensure that there are no marks left in this process hence the timber in the end does not need to be polished using a sand paper which tends to remove the natural shine from the tree.

Local regulations: sometimes, one has to consider some of the local regulations that governing the timber business. Some of the activities have proven to be environmentally unsound in the end as we shall see in one of the methods employed in debarking procedures.

Financial ability: Of course one has to consider the costs involved. Some millers do not do a lot of heavy-duty work. Therefore it would not make sense to invest in huge machines in the removal of barks. Some just use simple tools and the use of hands to do the procedure effectively. However, there are machines that have been constructed even for such small jobs if you want to do the work as quickly.

Seasons: there are times where it is increasingly difficult to remove the bark from trees. It is generally more cost effect for this to be done during such times where it is relatively warm and moist.

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