De-Stressing Airplane Travel

For many people, travelling by plane is a frustrating and stressful experience. Crowded security lines, confusing signs, and cramped aircrafts are just a few worries that come to mind. Below are a few tips from Express Forwarders to keep the stress of your next trip to a minimum.

If you plan your trips in advance, book your flight as soon as possible. First of all, you will save money on the ticket, but you will also be able to get seats next to the people you are traveling with, and you are more likely to get an assigned seat. If you have booked far in advance, the chance of you being booted of a flight because it is overbooked is much less likely. This is also true for checking in. Online check in now allows you to check in up to twenty four hours in advance. If you take advantage of this, you can make sure you get an assigned seat, and you can choose the seat that you would be most comfortable in.

One of the most stressful parts of today’s airplane travel is the carry-on bag. Because most airlines charge for checked baggage now, everyone is trying to carry on their bag. Limited overhead space means that it is important to follow the rules of your specific airline for carry-on luggage. Very small flights are the easiest to plan for. They cannot accommodate the standard roller boards and so they will gate check your bag for free. For larger flights, it is important to make sure to look up the dimensions they allow for your bag. Make sure you are able to carry your bag easily, since it is often not possible to roll bags down the aisle of the plane. Also, if you bring a second carry-on bag, make sure that you take into consideration the fact that the larger the bag is, the more limited your leg room will be. On very long flights, not being able to stretch your legs under the seat in front of you might not be worth it and you may decide to check your bag.

When dressing for a flight, make sure to wear several layers of comfortable clothing. Temperatures on flights can vary greatly depending on the size of the aircraft, the ventilation system, and whether or not the sun is shining into the aircraft. It is horrible to be stuck in your seat for hours while you are either burning up or freezing, so dress in layers to enable you to be prepared for a greater range of temperature.

The last tip is to get to the airport plenty early. You do not know if you will get stuck in traffic on the way, or if the security line will be extremely long, or if your gate will be hard to find. Hopefully, you have already separated your electronics, liquids, and emptied your pockets to make security easier, but sometimes there are so many people that even if you are prepared, it can take a very long time. The worst that happens is you get to your gate early and you have plenty of time to get something to eat, use the bathroom, and make sure that the items you want to use during the flight are accessible.

Flying can be stressful and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow the tips above, you can significantly lower the amount of stress you feel as you approach you next trip. Hopefully you will be able to focus more on your exciting vacation and less on the stress of travel!

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